Website Design And Development

Do you realize that once you shake hands with someone and tell them what you do, they IMMEDIATELY check your Social Platforms and your company website. If they get that “ unprofessional “ vibe or it isn’t user friendly, easy to read, they are less likely to use your products and services.

When you go to a website that is unprofessional and hard to work with, are YOU going to input your credit card info to purchase from it or buy from the business? Do you have an amazing business where the website isn’t reflecting that or even worst , you don’t even have a website? Let Social Sonja help. With our professional team of techy octopuses and geeky marketing funnel experts.

The combination of both will make a TREMENDOUS difference.

Website Audit

Do you have a website and your bounce rate is close to 90%? (sorry for geeky stuff).  It is when people come to check your website and they run faster than Forrest Gump because they didn’t find any value or know why they came to the site.  That’s because the website is not the way it should be.  We can definitely help with this.

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Website Management

At Social Sonja we just don’t build a website for you and say bye bye. We stick around ensuring we have the proper updates and changes needed with your business.  This includes seasonal, anniversary, and holiday updates on a monthly basis.

Make sure you ask us, because we know not everyone is techy like us and that is totally ok. Just like a smart octopus, we provide continuous solutions to our clients.

Marketing Sales Funnels

Do you know what a SALES FUNNEL is?  If not, you need to because it can actually double or even triple your profit.  We take the time to explain benefits to each client.

So, when you call us we will discuss if it is the right fit for you.