Posting to FB and Twitter sounds like fun and everyone should do it! But, wait a minute! There question isn’t should you have social media or not, but how well you execute using Social Media. It is critical to connect with your audience, here is a huge difference between talking to and talking at your audience through social platforms.

First, would you rather bark up the tree or turn your audience into buyers? Secondly, while traditional advertising can help drive business, your target market is now through Social Media. Here at Social Sonja we are like an Octopus, smart, fast, and has the ability to reach where other sources do not.

With our marketing strategies we can help your business grow and brand blossom.

Many businesses already have a designated person that is in charge of social media posting, communication, strategy, and spreading the company brand.  What happens is they aren’t available?  Cannot post anymore?  Are they doing it correctly and effectively?  Who takes over at your business?

We specialize in Half Day, Full Day, or 1 on 1 training sessions developing and implementing Social Media to the entire team.  This drives consistency across the team but more importantly to your clients!  In the sessions you will learn how being transparent and consistent through all social platforms is critical and not everyone has the ability to reflect the true purpose of the business.

Here at Social Sonja we help you unlock the true potential of the company.

If you already have Social Media in place, but there are still those lingering questions : “Can I do it better, faster, make more money?” “Am I doing this right?” “Does this represent my business the correct way?

We provide consulting where we get to know your business and strategy, then make sure that your Social Media portrays that 100% accurately so you can make more profit. Yes I said it! We have an amazing team that can put together solutions for your business!

Let’s us come in and get to know your business!

As a full Social Media Agency we do offer other marketing solutions that can help your bottom line. Some examples of those are Marketing Sales Funnels, FB marketing, Email Marketing and Blogging.

At Social Sonja we truly get to know our clients, by understanding their objectives, strategy, target market and client base, and brand. This allows us to better understand and develop a story to communicate to your target audience, instead of talking at them. That becomes one of the most Powerful Tools any business has.

So, now that you know all our Power call us for free 20 minute consultation.