FB Ads And Marketing

Posting to Facebook and interacting with your clients isn’t the only thing you can utilize Facebook for.  Facebook Ads are an amazing and “MUST DO” tool if you have a business.  Based on your business’ needs, Facebook ads can be use to gain more likes, build your email marketing database, highlight special promotions, or sell your product or service.  Would you like to go right at your competitor’s clients?

Facebook ADS or FB Applications allow you to do this at a very reasonable price! Compare this to the cost of a tv ad, radio ad, or print ad and the cost versus contact isn’t even close.

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E-mail Marketing

Have you heard that email marketing is dead? Me too! Fortunately, that is far away from the truth. Email Marketing is now more important than ever. This has changed the way you communicate to your client. Email marketing is an extremely valuable VIRTUAL ASSET.

As all Social Platforms are NOW a must to be on if you have a business, your email list is something no one can take it away from you. Consider it your GOLD bars that you keep in your safe! While everyday there is a risk you make FB or twitter upset and shut your account for not following guidelines, email marketing is something YOU control forever.

Do you want to create a LIFELONG client? It isn’t about just emailing them trying to sell them something, ultimately that is the goal, but you want to create an ongoing story that keeps the client coming back for more!

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This has become an integral part when presenting yourself as an expert in online community.  Many people would rather read a blog how to “do something” then read a traditional book or call professionals.

90 percent of consumers read a blog before they make a purchase or go to the Doctor, yes 90%!  And yes you can make a profit, build your brand, show off your expertise in both your community and online.  This will help you become the “GOTO” company for this and it was created all from BLOGGING.

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Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered where the website traffic is coming from and how do you attract those perfect clients for your business? Have you ever wondered how they found your website? The answer is SEarch Engine Optimization. Nowadays it is very hard to understand how Google actually works and how your competitor show before you while searching. It takes lots of time and work to pull this bull by the horn, but proudly we can say we have solved this puzzle. Social Sonja has great team of SEO experts that can make you stand out in the crowd.