Who are we?

  • SocialSonja Is Social Media Agency in the suburbs of Philadelphia
  • Helping small business owners with their social media management and strategies.
  • Founded by Sonja Durik and Tyler Harris, Social Sonja is based in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.
  • We believe that Social Media is not one size fits all
  • We offer tailor made social media strategies, management, and marketing sales funnels
  • We will help your business with Return on Investment while building brand awareness by targeting right clients.


Geeky Octopus in Charge. Social Sonja is working directly with clients creating business and social media strategies while offering the latest and the most successful trends and making sure client is happy.
Social Sonja works equally with businesses of all sizes and markets, regardless of their online presence. Just like an Octopus Sonja’s objectives are to reach all goals for the client. Working with her team is her true passion as well making sure they are all up to date with all Social Media trends and trainings.


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Tyler Harris


Busy Octopus Funnel Master. Tyler specializes in creating Marketing Sales Funnels and Email Marketing. While helping with Social Media training and community presentations, Tyler plays a key role working behind the scenes of Social Sonja making sure everything runs flawlessly. With his Financial Advisory and management background, he is sure to know importance of money mastery for every entrepreneur. His extraordinary business skills will help you to 10x your business sales.