Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Do you know who they are – what they dream of doing, and what keeps them up at night?
If you don’t know your ideal client, you’re losing customers and revenue hand over fist.

Here’s how; without an ideal client avatar, you can’t communicate your business clearly. Your messaging ends up being confusing and unfocused. Your ideal clients don’t know if you’re talking to them, or someone else. You don’t address their dreams and their fears.

They end up feeling like they’re in the wrong place, and you lose them as customers.

What Can Having an Ideal Client Avatar Do For You?

With an ideal client avatar, you’ll understand your customers deeply, and they will feel it.

Your content will be targeted to be exactly what the customer wants to read. This means you won’t have any more writer’s block, as you know what you should be writing. Your messaging will resonate with your ideal customers, because it’s made for them.

With an ideal customer avatar, your business might start getting more sales and new customers. You’re able to start attracting the ideal customers to you with your laser-focused content.

Hi, I’m Sonja!

I consult small business owners and entrepreneurs about their Ideal Client Avatar.

You probably don’t know who your ideal client is, meaning you can’t communicate clearly with them. Your messaging is unfocused, making the customer feel confused.

In my 40+ workshops in the past 12 months, I’ve talked with thousands(?) of small business owners, many of which I’ve helped 1-on-1. None of them knew who their ideal client was, they had a hard time conveying their message and explaining their services.

Once they learned how to create their Ideal Customer Avatar, attracting buyers to their offer became easy. They knew what content they needed to create, and how to explain their business to their ideal buyer.

Once you have your Ideal Customer Avatar, you will have the relief of knowing exactly who you should be selling to. You will also know how to develop a focused message, aimed at a single target customer.

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