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We are Philadephia Area based Social Media and Facebook Ad Agency that helps Grow Your Business by Attracting Ideal Clients that are ready to pay.

What Do You Need Help With?



Facebook Ads And Funnels
  • Facebook Ads Set up and Managment
  • Funnel Set up and Managment
  • Email Marketing Sequences
  • Messenger Bots Setup and Managment

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Social Media Managment
  • Facebook Page managment
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production

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Digital Marketing and Business Consluting
  • Consulting
  • Monthly retainer and Packages
  • Hourly Packages

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We are a Digital Marketing Agency located in the Philadelphia suburbs that helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals share their story and message through Social Media Strategies that generate leads, more opportunities, and ultimately growing their business with a differentiated Attract Method™ System unique to Social Sonja Media, LLC.

Why We Can Help You Better Than Anyone Else
The WOW factor that makes us different from the rest are two: our experience and our marketing strategy.


I have worked my way up the corporate ladder in sales with over 5 years of experience. So I have real world experience selling. What made me successful was building relationships with clients. This experience partnered with investing in my knowledge of Social Media to stay current with trends is what you get working with us. We help you tell your story, so the client isn’t just paying for a product or service, the are doing business with you based on your story and brand.

Marketing strategy:

Using the Attract Method System ™ , i generate more traffic and leads for your business converting them to not just a transacting customer, but a client building lasting relationships with you.

The Secret Sauce:

1. Research using FBI System ( Full Business Investigation) before you start advertising or even creating any posts or blogs, you should research your audience well. Make sure you know their pain points, needs and desires. This not only will help you create easy and relevant content, but you will be able to attract them with it.

2. Content! I have a special system I created that is called The Attract Method™ which i use this in both mine and my client’s business daily. It is the only system you should be using when it comes to creating relevant and educational content that inspires your target audience to take action and helping them get the desired outcome and move them to the next level. By providing valuable content all the time.Value first is the way to go if you want your customers to like you, trust you and buy from you. You should be helping your clients and showing them what you know before you ask them for their business. This is the only way of becoming Irresistible to your potential clients.

3. Showing Up consistently aka Blow Your Competitors Away System! This is very important component of a successful  Marketing strategy as this is a key in order to become visible. Did you know that it takes approximately 7 touches before a person becomes a customer? Showing up even more in front of them makes customers loyal that will never leave you.  Then, you don’t need to ever worry about competitors.

With all 3 systems combined you will Master Irresistible and you will never have to chase your clients again… they start chasing you!


Research + Valuable Content+ Showing up = Irresistible

About me

I am an experienced and driven mom of two. I came to the United States in January 2008, where I worked two jobs while going to school.

I then worked my way up the corporate ladder in sales. After 5 years of learning how to sell through building relationship with clients, I had finally had enough of corporate life.

That’s when I turned my passion for helping people and Social Media into action. And I started Social Sonja Media LLC.

I have developed a unique and special ATTRACT METHOD™ SYSTEM that has a track record of proven results.

Using the Attract Method™ System, I generate more traffic and leads for you business then convert them to not just a transacting customer, but a client building lasting relationship with you.

I specialize in helping clients with:

Facebook Ads: Using Facebook ad and pixel to deliver to a targeted and specific audience maximising on ad spend.

Sales Funnels: A marketing system and process where you walk your clients from prospect, to lead, to customer, to lasting client.

Social Media Content Strategy: A tailored strategy to grow your business utilizing different social media platforms specific for your clients.

Email Marketing: Following up in a strategic method, staying in front of and engaging your clients.

Facebook Bots: This is email marketing on steroids that instantly connects with clients visiting your Facebook page. It’s new and it’s awesome.

Video Production: Using videos to tell your story and build your brand awareness. Videos have a proven record of increasing conversion by up to 80%!

Schedule a Free 15 min Pitch Free, Solution and Value based Strategy Call With Social Sonja

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